Spend more time with your loved ones and let Zealver focus on taking care of them.

At Zealver we provide holistic health plans to those whose hair may be silver but whose zeal for life is evergreen. Offered as a benefit, Zealver provides comprehensive healthcare packages to the people who matter most to your staff, enabling them to stay stress-free, and improving both productivity and engagement. 

Companies who have trusted us

A Reimagined Senior Care Offering

A Senior Care offering with the goal to improve the quality of life of our members by providing preventive and primary care

How it works?

Welcome by Zealver Companion

Once you have subscribed, A Zealver companion will be assigned to you. He or she will get in touch with you and explain the entire membership program to you.

Holistic Assessments

After subscription we will start seeking your time for various assessments by our expert. All the assessments will happen in the comfort of your home and at your convenience.

Personalised Improvement Plans

Based on the assessments, our care team will suggest action plans for different facets of your health & Wellness.


If the action plans are not implemented, they are worth nothing. Your Zealver companion will act as a motivator and nudge you towards implementing these action plans and achieving your health goals.

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Anurag JainLead - Compensation & Benefits and HR Business Partner at Sony Pictures Networks India
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"The team has been very proactive in designing customized solutions in wellness portfolio. The team is super responsive and is always with creative recommendations. Highly recommended."
Suchita JoshiAssistant Vice President - Employee Health & Benefits at Marsh India Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
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“I have been working with this team for the past 5 years and fall short of words for the good work they have done. Their customer focused approach to deliver the client’s ask is amazing. Exceptional service and an exceptional team!”
Kantha SSenior Executive - Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India (MBRDI)
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“Comforting to get to speak to a doctor in my regional language!”
Mariamma MathewSenior Executive - Philips India
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“I am very satisfied with the services provided to my parents under the Eldercare programme.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Offering Zealver plans as employee benefit for employees to enroll their parents is a great idea. You can visit this link  Zealver for Employers  and leave your request and our representatives will contact you for further discussions.

It has been observed that seniors many times do not end up spending money on preventive health for themselves and it results in serious repercussions later on. This can result in higher claims or expenses and also the employee needs to take time out to take care of loved ones. Since its already paid by the children, the Zealver program comes as an entitlement to the parents and they can utilize services without any guilt or hesitation and hence prevention gets taken care of.

We do have several budget friendly plans to suit different budgets. Based on your requirements we can suggest various options. We will be happy to schedule a call with you and discuss options.

One can also look at offering different plans to different categories of employees.

This can also be an ideal gift to retiring employees.

Zealver plan is in operation since 2019 and many companies have renewed them year after year.

Once you have selected the plan, the information about it can be circulated to the employees.  Once employees decide, they can inform HR and HR Shares data with Zealver in a given format.

Zealver then reaches out directly to the employees whom the company has subscribed to and get further details of their parents 

Once we get these details, immediately the plan is activated. 

Corporates will also get the periodic updates about how the service is progressing and member feedback. 

Zealver can provide communication to employees and a special link with a discounted pricing for the employees. The employees can enrol their parents and make the payment directly to Zealver.

Zealver recognizes the importance of family involvement and encourages it whenever possible. Family members are welcome to participate in the ongoing calls from Physician or Zealver Companion, and provide support to their loved ones to make progress with their health outcomes.. We strive to create a collaborative environment where families can actively engage in their seniors’ well-being and share in their journey.

Yes, at the onboarding, we give access to a seamless Patient data portal. This will serve as the repository for all reports, assessments and consultations throughout the subscription period.

You can drop an email at hello@zealver.life. For further queries you can contact at us by clicking here.

At the onboarding you will receive a detailed list of assessments, consults and services made available to you as part of the package along with numbers where you can access the same. 

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